Lifebelt 150N, CE ISO 12402-3

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The 150 Nt life belts have been designed for general application or for use with foul weather clothing. They are also capable to turn an unconscious person into a safe position and require no subsequent
action by the user to maintain this position. 150 Nt life belts have been tested and certified per the new EN ISO 12402-3, EN ISO 12402-7 and EN ISO 12402-9 testing standards according to directive 89/686/ EC for recreational boats. They come equipped with a 30mm width waist webbing, 300cm² retro reflective tapes (IMO Resolution A.658 (16)) and the EN ISO 12402-7 & EN ISO 12402-8 whistle approved.

Image Code Weight Chest Size (cm) Buoyancy (Nt)
Lalizas-LifeBelt.Adult.150N,CE ISO 12402-3 70993 image 70993 >40 kg 80/125 >150
Lalizas-LifeBelt.Child.150N,CE ISO 12402-3 70994 image 70994 15-4 kg 50/80 >75


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