All products sold from the website or Stuart Marine stores are new products that come with their respective warranty. Should you have any problem with your product we will be able to repair or replace it as per the manufacturers’ recommendation.

Different category of products come with different warranties. Please consult the documentation that came with the product itself to check if you are still covered by warranty.

When a product stops working as expected you can either visit a Stuart Marine store where we will understand what the problem is and guide you to the quickest resolution. You can also choose to send us an email on explaining the issue and send the product to us for inspection. Transport fees are the client’s responsibility and we cannot be held accountable to any damage that happens during transportation.

International Warranties
Some products sold from Stuart Marine online store come with an international warranty. This means that you can take the product to your closest representative and have the product serviced or repaired within that store. If this is the option that you would like to take there is no need to contact Stuart Marine.