Izy Series Complete package system


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IZY is the exclusive product which allows an easy DO-IT-YOURSELF installation of an air conditioning system inside each kind of boat. The self contained refrigerating unit makes IZY unique in the marine air conditioning market and its installation accessible also to people without technical background. High performance compressor, copper-nickel tube in tube corrosion resistant heat exchanger, direct expansion evaporator, sea water pump and all electrical components are all built into a stainless steel case internally covered for noise reduction. IZY is available in three arrangements, 9.000, 13.000 and 16.000 Btu/h, both in cooling only or cooling/heating version (CO and EH respectively).

EH version allows also the heating of the ambient through an electric resistance; in this way, unlike reversing cycle systems, the heating operation is not affected by the lower sea water temperature reached during winter season, thus obtaining 100% heating efficiency also with sea water temperature below 10°C. All models are equipped with a back-lighted digital wall mounted and remote infra-red controller. Digital controller is connected to the air conditioner through a 15 m long electric cable. IZY09 can be connected up to 2-3 air outlets; IZY13 and IZY16 can be connected up to 3-4 depending on the total lenght of the various air ducts.

Nominal cooling capacity BTU/h – W 9.000 – 2638 13.000 – 3800  16.000 – 4680
Nominal heating capacity BTU/h – W 6.100 – 1800 6.100 – 1800 6.100 – 1800
Cooling nominal power input W  860 1.300  1.700
Heating nominal power input W  1.200 1.800  1.800
Full load amps FLA cool A  3,6 4,3  6
Full load amps FLA heat A  4,8 6,5 7,5
Power supply V-Ph-Hz  220/1/50  220/1/50  220/1/50
Max circuit breaker A 10 16 20
Refrigerant charge g 250 340 400
Net weight kg 29 35  37
Sizes LxDxH mm 590X280X315 630X340X350  630X340X350


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