Flexible Water Tanks, Grey

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The flexible water tanks will solve the problem of storing water in your boat. The tanks are supplied with already welded Tank Fittings’ adapter and two Elbow Fittings (inlet/outlet) with moveable Thread Tightening Ring for maximum sealing. They are easy to store and use. The Nuova Rade flexible water tanks are available in 6 Rectangular Sizes as well as in 2 Triangular designed tank sizes.

Code Capacity Dimensions
31321 55(lt) 74×60(cm)
31322 75(lt) 74×84(cm)
31323 100(lt) 74×100(cm)
31324 120(lt) 74×125(cm)
31325 55(lt) 86x21x93(cm)
31326 100(lt) 108x21x108(cm)
31327 200(lt) 74X170cm
31329 150(lt) 74×150(cm)


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