Climma Marine airconditioners


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Base and stainless steel parts to ensure a long lasting and high resistant; supplied with pre-charged mono-block with ecological refrigerant, which does not required any specific tool for installation; adjustable fan with air outflow horizontally or vertically, also suitable as air cooling systems or heaters, 220V.

Capacity Btu/h-cooler mode Capacity Btu/h-heater mode Absorption-cooler mode Absorption-heater mode Absorption-start mode Nominal piping section Air capacity m³ Net weight kg
9.000 4.500 (electrical resistance) 3,4 A 5,6 A 21 A 100 mm/4″ 260 26
12.000 4.500 (electrical resistance) 3,4 A 5,6 A 20 A 125 mm/5″ 360 24
16.000 16.000 (cycle inversion) 5,5 A 6,6 A 34 A 150 mm/6″ 900 40


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